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Breakers Fish Company has been operating since 1996, combined we have over 125 years of experience in the seafood business. We specialize in Fresh and Frozen products from around the globe.

Alaskan Cod

Latin name: Gadus Macrocephalus
Description: H&G, size graded by weight, packed 65 lb random blocks, bagged
Fillets: graded by size, packed 3 X 7.5 kg shatter pack blocks
Seasons: Pot caught – Sept/May, Jig caught – April /Sept, Trawl – Jan/May

Alaskan Cod Fillets

Cod H&G

Cod Roe

Latin name: Gadus Macrocephalus
Description: mature, random size and color, packed 3 X 7.5 kg blocks

Cod Milt

Latin Name: Gadus Macrocephalus
Description: Mature, packed 3 X 7.5 kg

Ground Fish/Rock Fish

King Crab

Latin Name: Paralithodus Comtschaticus
Description: sections, packed 20 lb IQF


Description: Frozen: Raw/Cooked meat & Raw Tails, Raw/Cooked Roe (Green & Red)
Scientific Name: Homarus americanus
Seasons: Yearly
Sizes: Various
Packed: IQF, Bags, Cartons


Octopus: also known as “Giant Pacific Octopus”
Latin Name: Enteroctopus dofleini
Description: de-beaked and cleaned, packed random bags, toted

Pacific Arrowtooth

Description: Fresh & Frozen: Whole Round, HG, Fillets
Sizes: 500-1000 & +1000gram
Packed: IQF or blocks, Cartons – poly liner

Pacific Hake

Description: Frozen: HGT or Whole Round, IQF or Interlayered Block
Scientific Name: Merluccius Productus
Seasons: June- Nov
Sizes: 2/300; 3/400 & 3/600 grams HGT
Packed: 1/10 kgs or 1/15 kgs net weight

Pacific Pollock

Description: Frozen: CBO or J/cut, IQF – Block frozen
Sizes: 1-2, 2-3, 3-4 & 5-7 kgs
Packed: Vats & Bags/Cartons

Pacific Rockfish

Scientific Name: Seabastes: Marinus, Pinniger, Alutus, Ruberrmus
Seasons: May-Dec

Pacific Salmon

Description: Fresh & Frozen: Meat & skin color vary – depending upon species, harvest area – Refer to ASMI Charts, H&G Fillets – IQF
Scientific Name: Keta, Gorbuscha, Kisutch, Nerka, Mikkys
Seasons: May-Oct
Sizes: 2/4, 3/5, 4/6, 6/8, 8/10 + lbs
Packed: Vats & Cartons, vac pak

Pacific Sardines

Description: Fresh & Frozen: Frozen Whole Round
Scientific Name: Sardinops Sagax
Seasons: June – Nov
Sizes: 100-200 grams (60/70 ct / 10 kgs)
Packed: 1×10 kgs blocks, Cartons – poly liner

Salmon Roe

Scientific Name: Keta, Gorbuscha
Seasons: May- Oct

Snow Crab

Description: Frozen: Clusters – Soldier pack, Blast & Brine frozen
Scientific Name: Opillio
Seasons: July-Aug
Sizes: 4+, 5/8, 8/10 & +10 oz
Packed: 1/30 lbs cartons net weight

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